Captain Taso was born in the village Kallithies (2km behind Faliraki) and grew up with sea
because his grandfather, father, and uncle have been fishermen their whole lives.

That’s what he had done in his early years too and still, he enjoys it whenever he has got time for it! For 35 years already Captain Taso loves to show all the tourists the most beautiful bays and places of Rhodes. He only started with a rebuilt fishing boat for a small number of persons but had to
change several times because of the huge demand of guests to participate in his cruises. There were are now with a new modern boat called Popai! It’s 15m long, has a capacity of 47 guests, a toilet, two showers with sweet water, a bar, sundeck with sunbeds, adequate shade underneath it and even equipment for snorkeling are provided onboard!

The most fun and opportunity to relax and forget about normal life is our 5-hour sea cruise where we stop at first at the well known Kallithea bay with its historical and renovated spa in nothern direction and then Ladiko bay, Afandou caves (Traounou) and our last and longest stop at the famous Anthony Quinn Bay in the south.

The longer stay over there is due to the delicious BBQ on board which provides souflakis (greek porc skewers), sausages, tzatziki, stunning greek salad, garlic or normal bread, fruit plates, wine and souma (grape brandy) and the fascinating variety of species in the water!

Those who don ́t want to spend so much time on the boat, maybe appreciate our 3-hour sea cruise without BBQ and the northern located Kallithea bay but the three others.
Either way, we do not just stop over to show you the place and leave – we stay at least 30 minutes at each bay so that all passengers are able to capture all impressions and explore the
location with its breathtaking facets.

Please feel free to visit our page “Popai Daily Cruises” on Trip Advisor and read the comments and impartial opinions describing our cruises in a better way then we could do for ourselves…

The Popai boat does 3 pick ups  in Faliraki. 

The main station at the Faliraki Harbour, the Apollo Station and at the Watersportstation beachfront of Hotel Pegasos

We don’t do transfers outside Faliraki because we don’t want to charge per person an extra fee which became modern for some companies, where it depends on the amount of people how long your journey will be before you even reach the boat. To be picked up from all over the island by one company…(imagine the transfer time!),taxis (~ 20km= 20€) and public buses( f.e. 2.40€ from Rhodes Town to Faliraki)are extremely cheap in compare to Europe and you are flexible the whole day. Without a company transfer you can explore and enjoy Faliraki before or after your boat cruise. Enjoy the wide open beach, cafeterias, or stay even for dinner in Faliraki. Or you can rent a car easily wherever you stay, be flexible and and enjoy more than just the boat cruise once you come to the beautiful east coast of the island Rhodes. Faliraki has a lot more locations which are worth worth to be seen!!