As a holiday destination Greece has many magical and popular sights to visit and one not to be missed is Afandou beach and caves in Rhodes Islands (Traounou caves). A visit offers the opportunity for unique experiences in snorkeling, swimming in crystal clear waters, caves to explore and the finest beaches and ecosystems. Situated in Afandou village, one of the oldest villages on the Island is the expansive blue flagged beach of soft sand and pebbles, surrounded by warm fresh waters and its caves. Afandou is located 22km southeast from the city of Rhodes and 5 kilometers from the famous holiday destination FalirakiAfandou in Greek means invisible, meaning that it cannot be seen from the sea. This is poignant to note as the village was founded at a time when pirates gallivanted and raided the Mediterranean islands. So the importance of the Afandou caves is undeniable. To explore the stunning Afandou caves, a sea cruise or boat trip with top ranking operators such as Popai Daily Cruises Faliraki is a must. There are daily sea cruises from Faliraki Harbour (needs pre-booking)! A wonderful leisurely experience awaits you in beautiful surroundings. You can combine many aspects of a memorable holiday on a fully equipped boat with sun deck, sunbeds, drinks, showers, safety equipment and shade. A lazy and breathtaking day of sailing on the bright blue Aegean Sea is yours to lap up. For the adventurous, there are plenty of thrilling opportunities also. You can swim under the hot Greek sun and snorkel in warm, clear, deep and fresh waters and see the variety of exotic fish and underwater ecosystems.  A stroll on the quiet beach will relax you. At the beginning of the beach lie the historic Afandou caves. Visit and explore the caves. Past visitors talk of the awe they experienced when they swam inside the caves and watched the sun pouring in through the hole at the top.