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3 Nov

Anthony Quinn Faliraki Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay

The Anthony Quinn Bay is the most famous bay on the island of Rhodes.


The name was given after the film “Guns of Navarone” was taken there.


In the high season, it is difficult to get a sunbed and umbrella there (if you are not “a morning bird”).

So the best is to visit it by boat.


Our stop for swimming, snorkeling and taking photos is a minimum 45 minutes there,

on our 5-hour sea cruise up to 2 hours because we do our Barbeque there!


Crystal blue sea, calm, many fish to see.

(They know they get bread to eat so they are coming quickly to the Popai boat as soon as it stops the engine to run).


For nonswimmers a nice experience to watch them and if you go snorkeling

you feel like you are swimming in an aquarium,- so many fish!


Our Barbeque includes Souvlakis, sausages, Greek salad, garlic bread,

Tzatziki, fruits, water, wine, and Souma… (so our passengers are getting food as well, haha)


Don’t miss it, Anthony Quinn Bay will become an unforgettable memory of your holiday!!


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  • Rebecca
    February 16, 2017, 11:24 am

    Such a wonderful day on the Popai!!
    Thank you very much!!

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