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The Popai Sea Cruises are starting everyday from Faliraki Harbour. You can choose between a 3 hour Sea Cruise and a 5 hour cruise with BBQ. Both cruises will bring you to the famous and beautiful bays Ladiko, Afandou Caves and Anthony Quinn Bay. The 5 hour trip includes an excellent big Barbeque with everything your greek stomach wishes for. Whichever cruise you choose you will have a lot of time for swimming, snorkeling and taking photos at each cruise and every bay!

The bright blue Aegean Sea with its enjoyable temperature is always worth to dive into, just a short distance away from Faliraki and its busy beaches, Popai will bring you to heaven on earth.

The Popai boat is equipped with WC, sundeck with sunbeds, an adequate shade under the sundeck, safety equipment, 3 sweetwater showers, hot/cold drinks and equipment for snorkeling.


like Birthday parties, wedding celebrations, or for any other group who wants to be on its own – up to 47 passengers for you! An unforgettable experience for everybody!!

The 3 Hour Sea Cruise takes you around the coastline and stops at the Ladiko Bay, Afandou Caves and at the Anthony Quinn Bay! At each bay, you have enough time for swimming, snorkeling and taking photos! A welcome shot and various rich platters of fresh seasonal fruits are in the price included.

Tuesday • Thursday • Saturday • Sunday

10:00 – 13:00    &   15:00 – 18:00

ADULT: 30€  – CHILD 18€  


The 5 Hour Sea Cruise takes you around the coastline and stops at the Kallithea Spa, Ladiko Bay, Afandou Caves and at the Anthony Quinn Bay! At each bay, you have enough time for swimming, snorkeling and taking photos! At the beautiful Anthony Quinn Bay we will stop for 2 hours to do our great greek BBQ.

The Barbeque contains Souvlaki, Sausages, Greek Salad, Tzatziki, Garlic Bread, Fruits, Greek White Wine and Souma...

Monday • Wednesday • Friday

10:00  –  15:00

ADULT: 50€  –  CHILD 30€  (FROM 5-12 YEARS,- UNDER 5 FREE)

See what's waiting for you

Take a quick look at the beautiful bays, get to know our lovely team and feel the greek way of life.

Get an unique feeling

Popai Daily Cruises

Make your holidays unique, explore the beauty of the sea and the island. Create unforgettable memories that last forever. Bring your phone or camera with you and get the best shoots from places that are only accessible by sea.


Special Features

  • Sundeck with Sunbeds
    Sundeck with Sunbeds
    7 sunbeds at the sundeck, feel exclusive! Relax and enjoy the cruise from the top of the world!
  • Adequate & Comfortable places in the shade
    Adequate & Comfortable places in the shade
    A table and 2 benches and plenty of space around under the sundeck!
  • Easy Access from water to boat
    Easy Access from water to boat
    You dont need any special assistance to get on the boat. We provide an easy access with 2 iron ladders on the back of the boat.
  • Free WiFi
    Free WiFi
    The boat provides free wifi all the time and at every spot on the boat.
  • Safety Equipment
    Safety Equipment
    Life jackets, Inflatable Noodles
  • Music
    Modern sound system with subwoofer and 12 speakers with same quality sound on every spot onboard.
  • Toilette
    On the boat
  • Showers with sweetwater
    Showers with sweetwater
    Take a shower after your swim to wash the sea salt away.
  • Bar
    Various cold and hot drinks with reasonable prices.
  • BBQ (optional)
    BBQ (optional)
    We have the best made BBQ onboard made with fresh local meat, vegetables and fruits.


Meet our team

Dani Popai daily cruises


Jianni Popai Daily Cruises

Boat Crew


What our clients say

Very friendly atmosphere. A polite and humorous crew. I would definitely recommend a cruise with Popai. My wife and I went here for our honeymoon and we are very pleased. Swimming in Bays, snorkeling and delicious snacks. Thank you 😛
Sebastian Mazur
Best boat trip ever!!! This is a must!!! We have just got off from the 5 hour bbq cruise and it was incredible. We didn’t want to get off, the snorkelling was fun and the water is beautiful and clear. Everyone on board is welcoming and friendly and the food and drink is a bonus as it tastes lovely. Thank you all for a lovely day it was fantastic, hopefully see you all again soon!
Tilly Caldwell
We loved it !!! - the visited places and the ship's crew! 😍
We saw the three most beautiful bays around Faliraki from the sea perspective, we had time for snorkelling, but also for sunbathing on board and admiring the beautiful views. During the breaks we tasted the local drink and nibbled on juicy, delicious fruit from a huge tray prepared for the participants of the cruise. Friendly, witty Captain Popai and his smiling crew cared for the relaxed, joyful atmosphere on board and were eager to chat, often joking at the same time. Clear water sparkled with all shades of blue and invited you to watch the fish. After swimming or snorkeling, you could rinse the salt water from your body and rest on a deckchair.
Time want by too quickly - instead of disembarking, we'd love to join Captain Popai's crew to go swimming with him! 😁
Ewela Kasprzyk
Very funny and nice personel. Also the boat trip was nice to see. We saw a lot of fish in the Anthony Quinn Bay. Afandou Caves looked better in the picture in my opinion but still a nice place to visit. We paid 60 euros for 2 persons for the 3hr trip. Due the Corona virus we had to bring our own snorkeling equipment which I can advise you to bring with you. The fresh fruit during the trip was also a nice addition to the tour. Would surely recommend doing this tour!
Bas van Dinther
Great fun! Great crew and captaint, It was worth every penny
Marek Ratajczak
It was wonderful experience! We had 3 hours long cruise, it was super amazing 🙂 The crew was very friendly and helpful. We watched beautiful views and crystal blue sea. We visited 3 bays, in each we had stop for swimming. In first two bays we spent 20 minutes each. In the last bay (Anthony Quinn Bay) we spent 1 hour, it was enough time to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. And the water was super hot and transparent. About snorkeling - because of Covid they can't give you a mask and snorkel, but they provide other swimming equipment (stuff that help you floating on a water). For snorkeling you have to get your own mask.They also provide very nice plates full of fruits.Additionally, for a small price they can provide other snacks, coffee or beer. I can recommend it 🙂
Kamil Kamiński
We did the three hour boat trip from Falaraki beach and loved it. There are a few pick ups along the beach on the boat which meant we didn't have to walk far to the meeting point. On board, there was plenty space to sit. We went to the front and sat with legs dangling over the edge. Popai came round with a free shot for everyone (it comes with a skull on the bottle). There's a bar on board and drinks are ice cold and reasonably priced. The boat stops at three different bays, you get 30 mins at the first two then an hour at Anthony Quinn Bay.Fruit is provided on board included in the cost of the trip which was really nice and fresh.We loved it, lovely places to swim without the stress of driving/parking etc. One of the highlights of the holiday. Popai is a character and he really makes the trip. Friendly, welcoming and genuinely grateful of the custom.At €30 each, we thought it was a fair price for the three hour trip. Thanks Popai and co.
rlhigson wrote a review Sep 2020
Absolutely amazing experience!! I came on this boat in my twenties and returned 20 years later with my 5 year old daughter. She thought it was brilliant! Mainly because Popai is so attentive and even made a special effort to talk to her when we saw him around Falaraki. She was in awe of the captain!! Great day out for all ages!! Thank you 😊
Carolanne wrote a review Oct 2020
Popai and his team were amazing, so friendly and helpful. We liked it so much we went twice even though the weather turned for the worse on the second trip, they got us back safely and even gave us a lift home to get out of the storm. Fruit is really fresh and nice. Cant believe there is one bad review saying its too expensive, definitely worth every penny. Hopefully see you again one day popai.

Sea the real review here!

Modley91 wrote a review Oct 2020


From the beginning of May until the middle/end of October (depends on the weather) our main office in the small harbour of Faliraki (on the opposite of the beautiful small church)  and the Apollo Beach Station are open.

Please note: The boat always starts 20 minutes earlier from the Faliraki Harbour, so we can be on time at our other boat pick up stations on the beach.

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